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Bravo Company

Bravo Co 3rd Tanks Web Site

Iron Horse Marine (Bravo Co 3rd Web Site)

History of Bravo Co. 3rd Tank Bn.

  Pictures contributed by Guy Wolfenbarger H&S Company, 3rd Tanks.

Pictures contributed by Terry Bocchino H&S Company, 3rd Tanks.

Pictures contributed by John Nolan H&S Company, 3rd Tanks.


Unit Awards.


National Defense 01Jan61-14Aug74

Presiidential Unit Citation 20Jan68-31Mar68

Navy Meritorious Citation 1st Plt. 19May68

Vietnam Service W/10 stars

Republic of Vietnam "Cross of Gallantry" 28Mar66-20Sep69

Vietnam Campaign Mar66-Mar70

Bravo Co. General

1st Plt

2nd Plt

3rd Plt



Bravo Co., 1st Tank Battalion photos from the Marines that served.