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All photos courtesy of John Nolan.


Operation West of Camp Carroll.

Road to Khe Sanh after the seig.

Khe Sanh.

More Khe Sanh.
More Khe Sanh.

Road to Khe Sanh.

Army 175mm at Camp Carroll.

E. Anderson & John Nolan H&S Maint.

Sgt. Soto.

Dong Ha Tank Maint.

Jack & B11.

Jim King.

 John Nolan & Tom Yax.

Gio Lin Opps. 

Repairing mine damage.

Archie DuPree.

E. Anderson & John Nolan H&S Maint. Dong Ha.

Unknown Flame Tanker.

John Nolan & Jum King.

Sgt. Trupp & John Nolan.

Near Con Thien-Geo Lin.

Supply Bird.

Opps near Geo Lin

Viet Nam Village.

Road to Camp Carroll.

Moving, Camp Carroll.