Vietnam Personal Accounts



by Lloyd "Pappy" Reynolds © 2007


     I was first introduced to Chico in early 1967. At this time Bravo Company was at Hill 55 and Staff Sergeant (Buddha) Clark was our Maintaince Chief. I had known "Buddha" at Bravo Company, 1st Tanks back at Camp Pendleton in 1962-63.


Going for my Cigarettes

Having fun with a crewman

Charlie Clements w/Chico

GySgt Davis and Chico


     Chico lived in the maintenance tent and as I recall rode on the Company Retriever "Bodacious Bastard". That was "Her" turf and you had to make friends with him if you wanted or needed to enter her turf. This was usually done by first being introduced to him by someone that "He" already knew. Then an offering was made in the form of something "He" liked. Usually food or something similar.

     From me it turned out that the little shit liked "Shaving Cream" or "Cigarette’s". So when ever I visited the maintaince area I had to offer up the goodies or be promptly searched for them. Here she is searching my pocket looking for Cigarette’s that she can smell. No folks he didn’t smoke or shave. She liked to eat the Shaving Cream and cigarettes.

     It turned out that Chico hated Vietnamese. I don’t know why, but if any came into the area they were promptly attacked. And Chico had some very sharp teeth.

     "She" was also a great "Snake" alarm. If there was any snakes in the area, Chico was usually the first one to sound the alarm.

     I don’t know where Chico came from or how Bravo Company got him. I don’t know what happened to her either.

     My Platoon moved out to An Hoa and the Company moved up north. When we caught up with the Company up at Camp Carroll Chico was gone. Scuttlebutt had it that she had her tail shot off and even got a "Purple Heart". The story was that the Purple Heart Citation was made out to PFC Chico Monkey and when a Major from Battalion showed up to present it, he went ballistic when he found out Monkey was not a name but an animal. Then I heard she had been killed, but had no details. I thought she had died of the "Shits" because of all the things she ate.