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Charlie Company

Images contributed by Fredrick Mills


Amtrack on the beach, Chu Lai 1965

C Co. Area on beach, Chu Lai, Sep. 1965

C Co. HQ on the beach, Chu Lai 1965

L-R, Joe Perry, Fred Mills & unk Marine, C Co. area Fall 1965

C Co. Ontos, Quang Ngai area 1966

ARVIN gear prior to a patrol, Quang Ngai area 1966

Cpl. Fred Mills, Chu Lai 1966

L-R unk Marine, Fred Mills, ARVIN, Calvin O'Glee, Quang Ngai 1966

Feeding kids near Binh Sonh

LCpl John Price, Quang Ngai 1966

Kids, Calvin O'Glee, Rick Willams, Quang Ngai 1966

LCpl John Price, and kids, Quang Ngai 1966

.50 Cal. position, Quang Ngai 1966

Fred Mills & Calvin O'Glee, .50 Cal. position, Quang Ngai 1966

L-R Fred Mills, Calvin O'Glee, GySgt. Lineberry, Quang Ngai 1966

Ontos & unk crew on Operation, Quang Ngai 1966

L-R, Clockwise, Ontos Commander & Heavy Section Leader Rick Willams, Calvin O'Glee, unk Marine & Cpl. Schultz.

Paris W. Taggart, C Co. area, Chu Lai

L-R unk Marine, Cpl. Schultz, SSgt. Ontos Commander, Quang Ngai 1966

Unk Marines taking a break, Quang Ngai early 1966.

Kids in unk village near Chu Lai.

Unk Marine and Kids near Chu Lai.