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Civil Affairs, H&S Company, 3rd Tank Battalion.

Pictures contributed by James Sausoman H&S Company, 3rd Tanks.


Lt. Robert E. T. Mattingly, OIC, Civil Affairs Det., H&S Co. 3rd Tank Bn. 1966.  Lt. Mattingly receiving Silver Star and Purple Heart.
As Lt. Mattingly's driver LCpl./Cpl Sausoman used a number of different weapons.  Pictured in front of "Mattingly's Mannor".


"Gunny Carter" from the "Gomer Pile" show came to visit the 3rd Tank Bn.

Training the local village "Popular Forces Platoon".
Phouc and Lac two of the "Interperters" working with Civil Affairs.
LtCol. Corson and Lac Presenting awards to students.  SSgt. Phouc and Cpl. Sausoman with their students.
Plaque awarded to Cpl. Sausoman for a job well done.