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Bravo Company Motor "T"

Images contributed by Tom Snyder


Tom Snyder with "Shake Rattle & Run".

Bravo's Motor "T" sign.

Front row, L to R.... Cpl. T.F. Snyder, PFC F. Hensley, PFC J. Salinas, L/Cpl. J. Lopez
Middle kneeling, PFC L.C. Shukitis
Rear row, L/Cpl. G.M. Watson, L/Cpl. E.P. Evans, Cpl. B.J. Laurent, Cpl. E.L. Gustin, PFC D.I. Carr

Rear, Rear, L/Cpl. D.R. Ferrell, PFC J.R. Payne   (Missing from Photo: L/Cpl. C.A. Boll, (deceased) he was on a water run!)

Fuel Truck with PFC Jesse Salinas.

This is L/Cpl George, a B-32 crew member.... B Co. 1st. Tank Bn. Chulai, RVN 1965-1966
( Remember what your DI in Boot Camp said about wearing your shirt tucked into your skivvies?? )

PFC Jesse Salinas assigned diesel fuel tanker truck, "The Bean-Burner" he was the only Marine that could fit into the fuel compartments for the cleaning of water, sediment, etc...

B-31 "Frenchy Flounder"  B Co. 1st. Tank Bn.
Sgt. R. Fontenot & Crew

B-34  "AA/F Dragon Wagon"
 Sgt. Art Allen & Crew
 (L/Cpl J.C. Kuczek (L) and PFC Lloyd on photo (R)

B-33 "I.C.U. Retarded"
Sgt. Ned Shultz & Crew

B-32 Tank name: "Sorry Bout Dat, Kitty Kat" Chulai, Sgt. Waggle & Crew

 "Nadine" B-56 Tank Retriever
Crew: Cpl. Ed Wojo, Cpl. Paul Heffernan, L/Cpl Sam Soltesiak, L/Cpl. Dave Suttles, PFC Rick Armstrong, L/Cpl. R. Mason
"B Co. 1st. Tank Bn. Motor Transport trucks/drivers utilized on an over-night convoy to bring elements of 3/7, (3rd. Bn. 7th. Marine Regiment) back to the ChuLai base from an operation North of Tam Ky"..... I think it was Black Ferret....