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All photos courtesy of Harry Christensen.



Harry "Super Jew" Christensen at Camp Carroll 1967.

Charlie Carson, Harry Christensen and Pat Butcher at the "Fish Bowl

"Main Gate" at Camp Carroll looking north towards North Vietnam.

Harry with B42 "WHY ME" at the H.Q. tank slot, Camp Carroll.
A section of the perimeter at Cam Carroll.

Bravo Company Headquarters area as seen from the tank slot below.
Our ammo dump was in a gully between these positions. 
Bravo Company Headquarters tank slot at Camp Carroll.
ABOVE. From ground level. 
LEFT. From the air. USMC photo #A190762

Flames clearing cover around Camp Carroll.

The "Rockpile" as seen from the "Fish Bowl" position.

B42 getting on the road for a sweep, Don Behling driving. 

Mine clearing in Cam Lo area. 

Another day, another village. 

The outskirts of Dong Ha.  Much better road

Harry winning the hearts and minds of the local population.

Highway 9, the road to Khe Sanh. Definitely not tank country, B24 trailing truck, the road
was only about a foot wider than the tank.

The Elephant Grass came right up to the edge of the road. 
Great for an ambush.

The results of one such ambush.  "Pappy" Parsons looking for items to salvage.

But there isn't much you can get from a tank with this much damage.  Dong Ha, 1967.