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All photos are from the collection of Greg Martin
Any help with identifying location and Marines in the photos would be greatly appreciated.


At Camp Carroll, 1967.

boys with their flag. Don’t remember the names. They got the flag from their Governor and put up a flag poll. In PhuBi   Nov 67.

One of the few working tanks at H&S co DaNang Feb 67.

Left to right Florida boy, Robert Hall killed in Feb 68 after I left, me, Washington boy. PhuBi  Sept- Oct 67.

Our tank crew at H&S in DaNang gave up our tank for the day for an ammo run but we drove over a little problem. I was riding on top behind the driver. The driver got messed up but I was just sore all over.
Greg at Camp Carroll.

Flame tank at H&S DaNang.

At Camp Carroll I believe, with ?, showing off a tri mounted 50 cal.

Washington Stat Flag.

Me on my tank going from Camp Lejune to Virginia for cold weather training in 68.

Engine and Trans at H&S

Messed up flame tank at H&S or PhuBi.

Messed up flame tank at H&S or PhuBi.

Drinking Bud at PhuBi, Washington guy, me and don’t remember

Re-cycling the Bud.