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Bravo Company 3rd Platoon

  More Images contributed by Tim Matye in behalf of Hal and Pat Dailey in memory of their son Harold Carl Dailey II who was Killed in action 29 August 1968.

"My Mistake" Submitted by John Hunter
Stan Williams pictured aboard USS Point Defiance LSD-31,Jun/Jul 1965

"Sorry Bout Dat, Kitty Kat" Submitted By
Tom Snyder Chu Lai 1965-66
Sgt. Waggle & Crew

"I.C.U. Retarded" Submitted By
Tom Snyder Chu Lai 1965-66
Sgt. Ned Shultz & Crew

2nd. Lt. Ray Stewart, and 1st.Sgt. Fox on the USS Alamo enroute to Okinawa/Vietnam, from Camp Pendleton, May 1965. Submitted By Tom Snyder

B-31 "Frenchy Flounder"  B Co. 1st. Tank Bn.
Sgt. R. Fontenot & Crew
Submitted By Tom Snyder

B-34  "AA/F Dragon Wagon"
 Sgt. Art Allen & Crew
 (L/Cpl J.C. Kuczek (L) and PFC Lloyd on photo (R)
Submitted By Tom Snyder

Submitted By Tom Snyder

3rd Plt. Commander, Lt. Ray Stewart on his laptop in his quarters! Sgt. Charles Waggle in background..... B Co. 1st. Tank Bn. Chulai, RVN 1965-1966.
Submitted By Tom Snyder