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Pictures contributed by Frank "Mattie" Matthews, 3rd Platoon, Alpha Company, 3rd Tank Battalion.


This picture was taken in 67/68 up near the "DMZ".  Frank "Mattie" Matthews in the drivers hatch the rest of the guys are , Spider, Zimack, Holmes, Bob, the main man.

This picture was also taken in 67/68 up near the "DMZ". Joseph Irizarry and crew, the only other guy I know is Charlie Coggins.

This picture was also taken in 67/68 up near the "DMZ". Alpha Company  tank with a gook skull on the light, I think the TC was Sgt Johnson.

M48A3 Main Battle Tank with moderate to heavy damage from an encounter with a Land Mine.

Tankers did have a very vivid imagination when it came to naming their "Beast".

Obliviously this was before indoor plumbing was a standard feature.

Photo taken on the east side of Con Thien looking
toward Gia Linh and Fire Base "A-2"

Dan "Mac" McCartney and Larry "Fuzz" __?

After this shave, Fuzz wasn't so fuzzy was he...

Frank "Matty" Matthews and Gary Zimack displaying captured NVA flag.

Bunker at Gio Lin

Convoy, not sure where.

DMZ Area

Dong Ha

Fuzz ( Larry Workman I think ) and Joe Irizarry

Tanks firing at "Charlie", not sure where