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Photos Contributed by Joe Tyson 3rd Platoon, Bravo Company, 3rd Tanks.

Note: Pictures by permission from book- Pappy's Tour With; Bravo Co; 1st Bn; 9th Marines,

"THE WALKING DEAD" Robert Lavalle.

3rd Platoon, Bravo Company, 3rd Tank Battalion.

Joe Tyson  Bravo 31 TC , you'll notice a 30 cal.light mg mounted on top of TC cupola on a tripod wired down with com wire. It gave a quicker reaction time than manually traversing the TC cupola to use the 50 cal. , also gave you another quick direction of fire
if the 30 cal. coax. or main gun was in use by the gunner.

With a Marine fire team from Bravo 1/9 mounted and South China Sea in background ( we were waiting for radio word to kick off an operation) you'll notice 30 cal. Was replaced with an m60 machine gun. Gun was mounted same way on tripod tied down with com. wire , the 30 cal. was given to another tank for coax. mount. Ammo for the m60 was never a problem acquiring ,being with the line infantry almost all the time.

Two tanks with mounted infantry . First tank you can see a 3o cal. mg.
pointed skyward on top of cupola, 2nd tank has no mount on top. Both tanks from B Co. 3rd tanks. infantry from B Co 1/9