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3rd Platoon, Bravo Company, 3rd Tank Battalion.

All photos are from the collection of John Harper.
Any and all help putting some names to faces would be greatly appreciated.

John Harper, Bravo Company, 3rd Tanks, Vietnam, 1968-69


"B" Co. Marines

Cpl. Fowler, ?, John Harper.

3rd Plt, "B" Co. 3rd Tks. Steve Deveney (center under Xeon light).

3rd Plt, "B" Co. 3rd Tks. Steve Deveney (sitting on right fender).

?, S/Sgt. Rienche, John Harper.

S/Sgt. Rienche, Craig Ammon in a four holer.


General Life and Living Conditions.

Cpl. Fowlers tank.


Operations in the Field.


Shitfisters at Work.

L to R, ?, Larry Parshal, S/Sgt. Rienche

S/Sgt. Rienche, ?.


The Dong Ha Ammo Dump Goes Up!!!



Combat, RPG and Mine Damage.



Canister round results,
Sgt. Sal Sotos tank. 3rd Plt, "B" Co. 3rd Tks.