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3rd Platoon Bravo Co. 3rd Tks.

Photos Contributed by Claude "Chris" Vargo 3rd Platoon, Bravo Company, 3rd Tanks.

3rd Platoon, Bravo Company, 3rd Tank Battalion.

Vietnam Photo’s and Captions from Claude (Chris) Vargo, BRAVO Co., 3rd Tank Battalion, from 1967 through 1969. His entire tour was spent in I Core, places like the Rock Pile, Vandergrift, and the DMZ were places he operated.  Awarded three Purple Hearts.

Claude has also written a great inspirational book "Beyond My Horizon" and has a great web site HERE.

"Rambo" JC Cox, throwing' bayonets. Jan. 68, Camp Carroll.

??, Chris Vargo, Jan. 68, Camp Carroll.

"John Wayne" Vargo with out ammo. Jan. 68, Khe Sahn, Rock Quarry.

Mike Roach, ??, Jerry Solano, Dale Sandifer, Fred Janneck, Jim Gribble, Jan. 68, Khe Sahn C.P.

3rd Plt C.P. at Khe Sahn.

Bob Dougherty, Lary Basco, Ralph Gonzales, Satch Walkey, Jan. 68, Khe Sahn, Rock Quarry.

Chris Vargo, Dale Sandifer, Al Soto, Jerry Solano, Feb. 68, Khe Sahn, Rock Quarry.

Joe Harrigan on "Guard Duty" over the "Kitchen" in front of our "Dirt Cave".  Feb. 68, Khe Sahn, Rock Quarry.

Bravo 31 & 34, surrounded by 1/9 "The Walking Dead".
Feb. 68, Khe Sahn, Rock Quarry.

Satch Walkey, Dale Sandifer, Feb. 68, Khe Sahn, Rock Quarry.

Coco & Basco, real estate development. Mar. 68, Khe Sahn, Rock Quarry.

Bob Dougherty, looking for a FNG to burn the "Shitter". Spring 68, Khe Sahn, Rock Quarry.

Walkey, Gonzales, Dougherty, Harrigan, Sandifer, Basco, digging in pure stone. Apr. 68, Khe Sahn, Rock Quarry.

Gonzalez, Sandifer, "Gunz" played professional drums and thought he could also sing.  May 68, Khe Sahn, Rock Quarry.

Rocket hits a bunker, Spring 68, Khe Sahn C.P.

LZ Stud was renamed Vandergrift Combat Base after escalation. May 68.

Chris Vargo, lean and mean after a bout with Malara. June 68, Camp Carroll.

Dougherty, Coco, James Gribble, Halay, Jan. 69 Camp Carroll.

Mendez, Jewell, Darwin, Soto, Halay, Gribble, Sandifer, Feb. 69, DMZ

Lt. Peter Ritch.

Bill Eaves, ??, Bob Haley, ??, ??, Peter Ritch.

Haley, Smitty, Basco, Steve Deveney, Vargo, Marrale, punching the tube. Spring 69, Camp Carroll.

Lt. Karrigan hiding out. Spring 69, Camp Carroll.

1st and 3rd Platoon Volley Ball. Spring 69, Camp Carroll.

Two Marine tanks versus 25+ Army tanks. Spring 69, Route 9.

Eaves, Janneck, Emmet, Nation, Halay.

Snuffies Club, the "Razorback Rooter" and "Have you had your pill today?" Summer 69, Camp Carroll.

Soto, ??, Tanking on Bravo 13. Summer 69, DMZ.

Ritch, Halay, ??, Eaves, ??. Summer 69, Rockpile.

Halay, Marrale, Smitty, Sandifer, Basco, Summer 69.

Looking into the TC's Cupula and at the TC's controles.

The "Rock Pile" and "Razor Back"

Marrale, Ritch, Vargo, Mendez, not smiling after a rough operation. Summer 69, Vandergrift .

Name that "Gook"?

Vargo and Vargo. Chris marries childhood sweetheart. Forty years and counting.