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3rd Plt. Bravo Company


 Images contributed by Armando T. Moreno


Nov 1967, Months before TET, Hue University.

May 1967, Quang Tri Province in support of 1/4 with two Tank crews .

Sa Huynh /March 1967, Operation Deckhouse VI , after the grunts of Charlie 1/4 , conducted their search and destroy mission. Photo taken from the USS Vancouver. Don't remember seeing Tankers on this operation. We ran out of 106 ammo and burned our transmission, so back to the boat.
Photo taken  outside of Camp Evans, Village of Phong Dien. Short guy is Jerry Briles from Texas, Black Marine is Harris from Philley, and Armando from California . All three were 0353's, Ontos Crewmen. 1967/ June.