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The photos and information below are from Richard (Ric) Langley who servrd with the 1st Plt. Charlie Co. and the 4th Plt. Alpha Co., 3rd Tk. Bn. from Jul. 66 to Aug. 67.

Dong Ha Area


Cam Lo Area



Gio Linh Area


Camp Carroll Area


Rock Pile/Razor Back & Highway 9


Con Thien Area

Note tank in circle.  This is called very deep jungle.


Con Thien Ambush


The Vehicles

The Marines

The Crew of C12, Jun-Jul 67. (L-R) Manuel Garcia, Bill "JJ" Carroll, John French &  Ric Langley.

The 4th Platoon of Alpha Co. Summer of 67.
1st Row, L to R. JohnFrench, Robert M. Rigby, Manuel Garcia, Lee B. Semon.2nd Row, L to R.  Carl H. Sutherlin, L. A. Clark, Charles M. Poteete Jr. ??,  3rd Row L to R. John S. Han, William F. (JJ) Carroll. In back. Edward J. Herbold.

Miles E. Jansen, KIA at Con Thien Jul. 27 1967.

Manuel Garcia, KIA at Con Thien Jul. 27 1967.

Dale Otto, KIA  at Gio Linh, May 14 1967.

Ron Knoshy and Dale Otto, Ron Kanoshy, KIA at Gio Linh, May 14 1967.

Charles Poteete

Ric Langley. and Alvin Hamby

Ed Herbold.

Gunny R.B. English.

Jim Short at Cam Lo, Jan. 1967.  Jim was from Canada.

Alvin Hamby And Walter Hullings.  Walter Hullings was KIA at Con Thien, Mar. 6th 1967.

Charles Poteete

Ric Langley

Ric Langley receiving Purple Heart from General Walt aboard USS Repose.

S/Sgt. T.J. Siva with a helper.

(L to R) Siva, Hamby and Langley.

John French, (died of a heart attack, Oct. 2000).

Ric Langley and Charles Poteete.

Ric Langley and Alvin Hamby.