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Bravo Company 1st Platoon

Contributers named with photos.

"For Charlie" Submitted By P.R. Emmitt
Sgt T.J. Siva pictured, Da Nang, 1965

"Nadine" Submittedby Tom Snyder, Chu Lai, 1965
Crew: Cpl. Ed Wojo, Cpl. Paul Heffernan, L/Cpl Sam Soltesiak, L/Cpl. Dave Suttles, PFC Rick Armstrong, L/Cpl. R. Mason

"Nadine" Submitted by Carl Lemon, Chu Lai, 1965

"Nadine" Submitted by Carl Lemon, Chu Lai, 1965

Bill Bohlen, T.J. Siva Plt. Sgt.

Bill Bohlen on B11 "Vengeance is Mine"

Bill Bohlen with uniditentified crew mates, tet 1968.