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1st Platoon Alpha Co. 1st Tks.

Photos Contributed by Larry Sterling 1st Platoon, Alpha Company, 1st Tanks.

Cobb Bridge (Fall of 1967) Home of 1st Platoon, A-Company, 1st Tanks Quang Nam Province. Near DaNang and Hill 10.

Larry Sterling's tank, A-12, 1st Tanks

The tank in the middle of this photo is A-12 1st Tanks in May 1967 near Hill 10 just outside of DaNang. Sgt. Larry Sterling is standing on the left side of the tank without a cover preparing 7th Marine grunts for a patrol. The black Marine tanker in the lower portion of the photo on the right is Bob Reynolds from Ohio. Bob was killed by a booby trap on May 6, 1967 shortly after this photo was taken.

Cobb Bridge near DaNang in the fall of 1967. The children in the boat are from local villages.