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 Roster of 1st Platoon, Alpha Company, 3rd Tanks, 1967-1968, from Jim Coan.

1st Platoon, Alpha Company, 3d Tank Battalion at Con Thien

10 September 67 14 October 67
A-11 Sgt. Guivara*
Cpl. Herbert*
Cpl. Graham*
L/Cpl. Dubose
2/Lt. Coan
Sgt. Davis
Cpl. Hodge
PFC. Minch
A -12  2/Lt. Coan
Cpl. Sanders
Cpl. Johnson*
L/Cpl. Trevail
Sgt. Carter
Cpl. Irizarry
PFC Clark
L/Cpl. Trevail
A-13 Cpl. Aranda*
PFC Sudduth*
Pvt. Burnett
L/Cpl. Bores+
Sgt. Howard
Cpl. Baker
PFC Bishop
L/Cpl Coggns
A-14 Sgt. Weicak+
Cpl. Holmes
Sgt. Shands
L/Cpl. Woodall
Sgt. Weicak
L/Cpl. Brown
L/Cpl. Mims
PFC Palamrj
A-15 G/Sgt. Hopkins
Cpl. Martin*
L/Cp1. Apodaca*
L/Cpl. Augustine*
G/Sgt. Hopkins
Cpl. Jordan
L/Cpl. Workman
PFC Birkholtz

*Short-timers rotated back to Dong Ha on 15 September. +WIA. Note that replacement crewmen Pvt. Manchego and L/Cpl. Murray arrived at Con Thien on 15 September and were WIA (evacuated) less than one week later. Replacements temporarily assigned to 1st Platoon during this time frame and then reassigned were: Sgt. Osbom; Cpl. Crist; PFC Glass; L/CpI Blum.
Lt. Coan assumed command of the 1st Platoon on 10 September. He replaced Lt. Tom Barry who had received two Purple Hearts during his three weeks as the tank platoon commander at Con Thien. On 14 October, the 1st Platoon’s “time in the barrel” was over. Gunnery Sergeant English brought his 5th Platoon tanks up to “the hill of angels” and replaced 1st Platoon.