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1st Platoon, Bravo Company, 3rd Tank Battalion.

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All photos courtesy of Jerry Wahl.

An Hoa and Phu Loc 6 area.



Wayne Smull on "ANDY CAPP".

Dominic Brugiuglio, "Wop" in driver's seat of "GPSY ROVER".

Road sweep on "Liberty Road" from Phu Loc 6 to An Hoa.

Home is where you can dig it, or build it.

Sgt. "Wild Bill" Nelson and ??  On "Super Goof" (note PRC 25 to communicate with the Infantry).

Repairing mine damage. (Note missing fender.)
Left, some of the Marines from 1st Platoon.

Rear L to R. Dominic Briguglio ("Wop"), ("Wild Bill") Nelson, Jerry Wahl, Steve ("Ribs") Reves, Ron Shuppy.

Front L to R. ??, Hank Hoffman, Fred Mace.

Leaving An Hoa and Moving North.

Packing up and getting ready to move out.

Stowing all personal gear aboard the tanks.

Boarding the Ferry at Phu Loc 6.  A Bridge was built later.

On a "Mike" Boat headed out to Sea.
You could almost smell the ocean, if it wasn't for the "other: smelly stuff".

L to R. ??, Charlie Carson, Fred Mace.

Some of the 1st Platoon Marines

John Mackovitch, Ron Shuppy, Bill Nelson.  On "Super Goof II".

Jerry Wahl, Ron Shuppy, Bill Nelson.  "Super Goof" was destroyed by mine damage, (actually, C4 when we tried to blow off damaged road wheel arm.)

Warren Grossland, Jerry Wahl.

Lloyd "Pappy" Reynolds, Hank Hoffman.

Ron Shuppy

Bud Coyle.

Fred Mace.

Jeff Griffith.

"Wild Bill" Nelson.

Lloyd "Pappy" Reynolds

Wayne Smull.

Wayne Smull, Jerry Wahl.

A Beer for "Wild Bill".

Another Beer for "Wild Bill" and Jerry.

To many Beer's for "Wild Bill" and Fred Mace.

Beer all around for Fred Mace. Jerry Wahl, "Wild Bill"
and defiantly Hank Hoffman.

Jerry Wahl.

Jerry Wahl.  It's his page.