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1st Platoon, Bravo Company, 3rd Tank Battalion.

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All photos courtesy of Jack Butcher unless otherwise noted.
(Jack is a unique individual.  During a time when a lot of our citizens were going north to avoid Vietnam, Jack
(a Canadian) came south.  He joined the Marines.  Went to Vietnam, extended twice, doing two tours, 1967 to 1969.)

Any help in identifying any of these Marines would be appreciated.


Photo's from the upper Tank slot at "Payable". 

Far left, lower "Tank Slot" and Platoon "Bunker".

Left, Army M-42, 40mm "Duster" position with "Razorback" in background

Far left, lower "Tank Slot" next to Highway #9.

Left, helicopters in the "Landing Zone".

Far left, the lower "Tank Slot" and Platoon "Bunker".

Left, activity in the "Grunt" area.

Far left, part of a "Convoy" moving along Highway 9

Left, supply trucks from "Bravo" Co. with "goodies for the Platoon.

Note "Platoon Shower" just above Marine walking in front of trucks.

Far left, "Convoy passing through on Highway 9.

Left, a normal day's activity.

Far left, trucks in th "LZ".

Left, could be "Shitters" burning.



Far left and left, aerial views of Camp Carroll.
Incoming at Camp Carroll.

 Left, L to R, ??, Wayne Smull. Why are they  smiling?

Right, L to R, ??, ??, ??, ??.

Left, a late comer.
Right, what some Marines do under fire.  Take pictures of each other!

Left, is it all clear yet?  Must be a "New Guy".  (FNG).

Right, a "Hardened" dougout.

Left, the "Bravo" Company Office, ??.

Right, 1st Platoon logo.

Left, ??, ??.

Right, ??, ??.

Dehydrated Steak Fry.

Left, Getting the fire ready. L to R, Wayne Smull, ??, Steve Baker, ??, ??.

Right, the Cook "Alphie" Himes.

Dehydrated Steak Fry.

Left, L to R, Wayne Smull, Harris "Alphie" Himes, Pat "Sugar Bear" Badgor, Terry Bocchino, "TJ" Wharton, David Twitchell, ??.

Right, L to R, ??, Wayne Smull,, ??, Jack Butcher, ??, Harris "Alphie" Himes, Ron Shuppy, ??.

Left, ??.

Right, L to R, ??, ??.

Left a must have item.  L to R, ??, ??, ??.

Right, L to r, ??, ??.

Left, the "LZ".

Right, the "Tank Slot" near the "LZ".



Above. For the first time since the Korean War, Marine Tanks are ramped up to provide indirect fire on the enemy. 

Left, Marine Tanks from Bravo Company, 3rd Tank Battalion, 3rd Marine Division at Khe Sanh.



Left, "TJ" Wharton.

Right, Haris "Alphie" Himes.


Left, L to R, Bob Fornwalt, Wayne Smull,??.

Right, L to R, Ron Shuppy, Charlie Carson, Bob Fornwalt, Pat Badgor.


Left, L to R, Son Shuppy, Pat Badgor.

Right, L to R, ??, ??, ??.


Left, ??.

Right, L to R, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??.


Left, ??.

Right, L to R, ??, ??.


Left, Jack Butcher.

Right, ??.


Left, L to R, Pat Badgor, Steve Baker, Wayne Smull.

Right, L to R, ??, Peter Rich.


Left, Doc.??.

Right, ??.


Left, ??.

Right, ??.


Left, L to R, ??, Bob Fornwalt.

Right, L to R, Jack Butcher, ??.




Left, Bob Fornwalt.

Right, L to R, ??, Rene Certa.


Top left, a new engine for one of the tanks arrives.

Top right, un-carting the new engine.





Bottom left, the new engine meet's the old one.

Bottom right, the old engine.


Left, getting ready for the new engine, ??.

Right, retriever crew, L to R, ??, ??, ??, ??. 

Left, engine installed and getting the linkage hooked up.

Right, L to R, Ron Shuppy, Bob Fornwalt, ??. 



Left, Bravo ?? ready to go, L to R, ??, ??, ??, ??.

Right, in front of  "Flame Tank", ??.


Left, bags are packed and stored, ready to go.

Right, Xeon light and cover from Bravo one four that was drowned in a river.

 L to R, ??, ??, ??, ??.


Left, Bravo ??

Right, Bravo four three, the Bravo Company retriever.


Left, Jack Butcher in front of  "Flame Tank".

Right, L to R, ??, Harris "Alphie" Himes, ??, Bob Fornwalt, ??.