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1st Platoon, Bravo Company, 3rd Tank Battalion.

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All photos courtesy of Fred Rivero.
Top Left. Cleaning .30's and .50's at Phu Loc 6.
Top Right. Can any one ID the Plt. Sgt. Gunny ?
Left. Air strike near Phu Loc 6, Song Thu Bon River.
All late 1966 or early 1967.

Super Goof  with the 1st Plt. at An Hoa early 1967.

If memory serves right Super Goof was surveyed due to mine damage.
Or at least due to excessive use of C-4 blowing off damaged road wheel arms.

Fred Rivero aboard LSU during move north from Da Nang to Dong Ha.

Flame Tank (Zippos) burning brush at Camp Carroll 1967.


Top Left. Moving up to the Trace, note tanks gun tubes. This was not a safe area.
Top Right. Grunts taking a break.
Center Left and Right. Above the Trace an area heavily napalmed and definitely not a safe area.
Left. Lloyd "Pappy" Reynolds beside tank and a NVA "Spider Hole".

At Khe Sanh looking at Hill 885s.