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Marine Corps Vietnam-era Tankers and Ontosmen Have Made History.  Your Historical Foundation is Making it Known.

1st Platoon, Bravo Company, 3rd Tank Battalion.

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All photos courtesy of Charles T. Clements.

Charlie aboard "Bravo" Co. retriver.

Charlie with "Chico" the Co. pet Monkey.

GySgt Davis and Chic

With the 1st Platoon at "Payable". Fred Mace, ? Moyer, Wayne Smull, Ron Shuppy, Charlie Carson, Jack Butcher, Greg Martin.

Jerry Wahl visit's with the 106 crew at the "Rock Pile".

Charlie with the "Grunt" that tried to swim the swolen river.  The safty rope almost cut him in half.

The swolen Song Trinh Hin river.

Bravo 14 "Super Goof" the day before it was drowned in the river.  The Grunt C.O. of India 3/3 is in photo center.  His XO is giving the signal to get started.  T.J. Wharton was the T.C. and Jerry Whall was driving.  The "Razorback" is in the background.