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1st Platoon, Bravo Company, 3rd Tank Battalion.

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All photos courtesy of Bob Fornwalt.
Bob Fornwalt
"Bob" Fronwalt, Dong Ha, Oct. 13, 1967.
In country less than a month and waiting for a ride to Bravo Company, 3rd Tanks
Bob and Ron
Bob Fornwalt, left and Ron Shuppy right.  At Camp Corroll, March 1968.  
Just after some of the big Tet Offensive fights.
Gipsy Power
Gypsy Rover, either Bravo one three or one five.  Camp Carroll in early 1968.  
Left to right, Rene Cerda, "Cricket" (back), Jack Butcher (front), Bob Fornwalt.
The Protestor
The Protestor, June 1967.  Note old 18" Searchlight. Probably at An Hoa or Dong Ha.
Left to right, Charlie Carson, Jim Moyer, Leo Miramontes (KIA), Fred Mace (kneeling).