Historical Map tracking of 3rd Tank Battalion USMC.  Bravo Company.

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On January 24, 1968 a convoy coming from Dong Ha was ambushed on Highway 9 by elements of the NVA 64th Regt., 320th Division.  Two tanks from Bravo Co. 3rd Tk. Bn. (B-42 & F-22) along with two M-42 "Dusters" from "C" Bat., 1st Bn., 44th AAA, with some infantry (a Plt. from H/2/4.) rushed to the seen not knowing how large of an NVA force was involved.  This small force was in turn caught in an ambush.  Captain Daniel W. Kent was KIA and Corporal Harry C. Christenson was WIA (Evac).  Harry was later awarded a Silver Star for his actions that day.  B-42 (a dozer tank) was knocked out by RPG fire.  It was recovered and returned to service on January 26, when Lyn Young took it back to the ambush site with other units, bull dozed a trench and buried approximately 400 to 600 NVA bodies.

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