1st Tk. Bn. After Action Report of Feb. 6, 1968

Bn. Report.

(1) 0200H A Co."B" tank and a Co. "A", HQ tank went out as a reaction force to CAP-B3  at AT947697 which was under attack. The Co. "A" tank was hit by an RPG which penetrated the turret. 1 KIA (L/Cpl. Nolan L. SIMMONS, and 3 WIA.

(2) 0300H Co. "A" tanks on bridge security AT991642 received 122mm and SA fire. One tank was hit by a rocket with no casualties.  Tanks returned fire with no results.

(3) 0830H A Co. "B" tank returning from Hill 10 (AT923691) to Hill 41 (AT933663) disabling the tank.  As the crew bailed out one was killed by a sniper and the tank was hit by 3 RPG's.  The tank caught fire and burned (later recovered).  1 KIA (Cpl. Gregory H. LUNDE) and 3 WIA.

(4) 1305H A Co. "C" tank in support of a sweep at BT013669 was hit in the turret by an RPG. 1 WIA (med-evac).  Tank continued sweep w/3 man crew.

(5) 1550H A Co. "C" flame tank, in support of a sweep was hit by a recoilless rifle round.  Two WIA (med-evac).  Tank recovered w/ moderate damage. (no coordinates given)

(6) 1745H Three Co. "C" tanks in support of 3/5 at BT011639, F-32 was hit by 2 RPG's (4 WIA).  The other tanks fired 90nn and MG's resulting in 8 VC KIA.



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