Historical Map tracking of 1st Tank Battalion USMC.  2nd Plt., Bravo Company.


From Mark Suthers;

B21 SSgt Meyers, ???
B22 Cpl Bunday, LCpl Shadowen, LCpl Dooly & LCpl Murray
B23 Sgt Gibson, ???
B24 Sgt Osborne, LCpl Gow, LCpl Young, ???
B25 Sgt Norman, ???

The tankers I remember in Qui Nhon were:

CO: Lt Warner
SNCO: Gunney Fieros,
SSgts: Meyers
Sgts: Gibson, Norman, Osborne
Cpls: Bunday, Nuanez,
LCpls: Gow, Lias, Dooley, Georguson, Shadowen, Hardyway, Young, Talutto, Steingraad, Brosey, Jackson, Ward, Jackson
PFCs: Martin, Heitmeyer

The HQ support staff were:

Doc: Slater
Trucks: Shukitas, Boll
Mech: Mason
RadOp: Ballard
RadTech: Suthers

B21, (SSgt Meyers) Tk swamped fording river (CR 018-196) (Red Star)
2/7 with 2/B/1 Tks in this area untill Nov 8 when moved to USS Terrel County (LST-1157) and lands at Chu Lai on Nov 10, 65.