Historical Map tracking of 3rd Tank Battalion USMC.  Bravo Company.

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Excerpt's from 3rd Tank Battalion C.C. of May 1968.

On 13 May the 1st Platoon completed a move to Khe Sanh where it replaced the 3rd Platoon which had been at the base since June 1967.  On 19 May the 1st Platoon was escorting a convoy from Khe Sanh.  Approximately 300 meters outside the perimeter the convoy was ambushed,  During the ensuing fight all five tanks sustained RPG hits.  No tank took fewer than three hits.  B15 was destroyed in the action.  One hundred and sixty five enemy KIA (c) were credited to this action.  It is estimated that the B-1 tanks accounted for one hundred of these. 

S-4 Journal for 19 May 1968;

Bravo reported following combat damage to B-1 vehicles:  B-11 RPG shrapnel left side of hull no penetration, RPG shrapnel right side no penetration, damage to sprocket and shock absorber.  B-12 1 RPG on right side 5 inches below cupola, range finder gone, 1 RPG 2 inches left of gun on gun shield, possible damage to replenisher.  B-13 1 RPG in TC Cupola - 50 cal. damage.  B-14 2 RPG's penetration, turret inoperative.  B-15 combat loss.

Marines of 1st Plt. Bravo Co., 3rd Tks., 19 May 1968

Tank Position Rank L/Name 1st Name Nick Name WIA Notes
B11 ? TC Sgt. Evans Clifford      
B11 ? Plt. Sgt. SSgt. Wharton Thomas J. "TJ"    
B11 Gunner   Coulter Rick      
B11 Loader     Rick "Surfer"    
B12 TC Cpl. Kellogg Fred   Yes (Bronze Star & Story)
B12 Gunner Pfc Trinidad Carlos "Charlie" or "Lupe" Yes  
B12-B11 Driver   Williams Stanley "Cricket"   Drove B12, when B12 was out of action, drove B11 back to firefight. (Award) ?
B12 Loader PFC Lehman Charlie "Sugar Bear" Yes (Award) ?
B13 TC Cpl. Coklin A.M. "Buzz" Yes (SS)?
B13 Gunner            
B13 Loader            
B13 Driver            
B14 TC Cpl. Baddgor Patrick   Yes (Nav Com) ?
B14 Gunner Cpl. Oswood Richard "Rick" Yes (Navy Commendation & Story)
B14 Loader ?   Bardet Ray      
B14 Driver LCpl. Camerdese Silvano   Yes  
B15 Plt. Ldr. 1st Lt. Himes Harris D. "Alfie" Yes (Bronze Star & Story)
B15 TC/Loader Cpl. Cerda Rene   Yes (Silver Star & Story)
B15 Gunner PFC Cox J.C.   Yes  
B15 Driver PFC Larabell Clay   Yes  
    Sgt. Baker Steve     On R&R
    Cpl. Butcher Jack     Bumped off B15 by Lt. Himes.


Meritorious Unit Commendation awarded to Fox Co., 2nd Battalion, 1st Marines
and 1st Platoon, Bravo Co., 3rd Tank Battalion.  See Citation.


David Powell Photos. These are probably 3rd Plt., Bravo Co. 3rd Tk. Bn. tanks.

Photos courtisy of Jack Butcher.

Left, Air strike coming in. Right, Napalm hitting near tank.  Photos taken 19 May 1968 by Cpl. Peter Hoban, H/2/1.

Left, B15 burning at firefight site. Right, B15 burnt out.  Photos taken 19 May 1968 by Cpl. Peter Hoban, H/2/1.

The burnt out hulk of Bravo 15.  Photos taken 19 May 1968 by Cpl. Peter Hoban, H/2/1.

Aerial views of Khe Sanh.  Courtesy of Rene Certa.

Convoy leaving front gate at Khe Sanh.  Photos taken 19 May 1968 by Cpl. Peter Hoban, H/2/1.

Left, Rene Cerda at Camp Carroll, Right, Rene and Carlos "Charlie" Trinidad.