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  June  2014       
 Vietnam Ontos crewman, Tankers & support  have made history and we are making it known.

Dear Marine 

    Our recent solicitation for Foundation members to join the USMC Vietnam Tankers is paying off.  As of this issue we have several new members to add to the VTA's membership roles. I am sure we will have a few more to add to the July issue of the Breech Block.

    Speaking of July; next month marks the 15th anniversary of the formation of the USMC VTA.  It was that month that 65 tankers, spouses, significant others, brothers, sons and daughters gathered in Arlington, VA.  It was the first known gathering of Vietnam tankers since the end of the War. A year later the Marine Corps Vietnam Tankers Historical Foundation was formed.

    The Foundation is in the final throws of publishing the History of Vietnam Tanks and Ontos in the Vietnam War.  We are looking to bring on addition staff to complete the project.  We are in need of raising funds to pay for the increase in staff.  Please take the time to donation what you can to this effort.  We hope to raise $5,000.


Semper Fidelis,


Richard 'Dick' Carey, V.P./Editor

Marine Corps Vietnam Tankers Historical Foundation 

USMC Vietnam Tankers Association 

Founder/President Emeritus (1999-2005)

Contact: Click here 

 Mail Call!                             

"Thank you for your continuing efforts to not letting us be forgotten."

Semper Fidelis,
Don Doty

Thank you for adding me to your mailing list. Thank you also for posting the picture of my bumper sticker. As I have said there are few who can appreciate and identify with that sticker as far as the reality of it. I have equated it to other less pleasant times in life for the folks who were not shot off of a tank. Health, relationships, finances, loss of family and friends. Most  have been shot off of those tanks.
Semper Fi
Billy (Whisenant)

One thing leads to another


Steve  (Arnone) - Thank you very much for you most generous and timely donation to the Foundation. We will put your gift to good use in the writing, editing, and launching of our book.
We hope that this finds you well. Thank you for staying in touch.

Semper Fidelis, Ray

Ray, you Guys do good work, 
You know I called up one of your links & found an incident that I was very involved from 18Aug69, but then was amazed at what else was happening at the same time. The bigger picture I never understood.  Also did you know that I did part of my 13 months with M/4/11 An Hoa.
Semper Fi, Steve (Arnone)

Hi Steve - It's that "bigger picture" we are building the frame work for our book and then onto that framework we're weaving in the personal accounts provided us from the individual Tanker and Ontos Crewman. Sea stories are great and no reunion would be complete w/o them but "for the record" and the "History of Tanks and Ontos in Vietnam" our thought is to provide the reader the context of the stories and personal awards - Purple Hearts, Navy Crosses and others to include - where we can get input from our Marines - all levels of recognition. We'll attempt to put every personal story - if applicable - right in the middle of the fight.
    No, I didn't know you served in Vietnam other than with tanks. If you'd care to write up your experience with M/4/11, we'd really appreciate it.
    Thanks again fro your most generous and continuous financial support of the Foundation's mission and please keep in touch

Semper Fidelis,


PS: Here a bit of history. The 11th Marines' regimental history in Vietnam was characterized by fighting as detachments in dispersed areas. Hastings, Hue City, Napoleon-Saline II, Mameluke Thrust, Oklahoma Hills, Pipestone Canyon, and Imperial Lake were some of the more significant operations in which the regiment participated. Redeployment to the United States started in October 1970 when the 4th Battalion left for Twentynine Palms, California.


If you'll provide us the dates you were with "M"battery, we'll be able to find out what the battery was doing - who you were supporting, etc. - during that time.


New Members                             

We are pleased to welcome the following new members to the Historical Foundation.  Paid membership in the USMC Vietnam Tankers  Association automatically provides membership in the Foundation.


Stephen Arnone

Rochester, NY

H&S Co, 1st Tanks, 1969 

Phone: 585-305-1627 


Robert Fierros

Carlsbad, CA

B Co, 1st Tanks, 65/66

H&S Co, 3rd Tanks, 68/69 

Phone: 760-729-3194  


William C. Rantanen

Watertown, WI

H&S/A Co, 1st AT, 67/68 

Phone: 920-261-0354

Recruited by: MCVTHF


Mark Suthers

Lanark, Ontario, Canada

B Co, 1st Tanks, 65/66 

Phone: 613-259-3065



Don Doty

Belle Vista, AR

A Co, 1st Tanks, 65/66

C Co, 3rd Tanks, 65/66 


Recruited by: MCVTHF


David Heniff

Tomahawk, WI

B Co, 1st Tanks, 68/69 

Phone: 715-453-4506 


Kim Marvin

Sparks, NV

A Co, 3rd Tanks, 68/69 

Phone: 778-2325-0698


Billy Whisenant

Oxnard, CA

B Co, 3rdTanks,67/68 

Phone: 805-574-9733

Recruited by: MCVTHF

"The Book" SitRep: June


Pappy Reynolds and I have been researching the documents and the archives to get a handle on

  1. When Tank and Ontos units arrived in-country,

  2. Where the units landed and where they were located after landing, tracking their movement during the five-year war, and finally,

  3. When they left as we wrapped up our portion of the war. 

     The easier of the three phases is 1) the documentation of when Tank and Ontos units came into country, because they were attached to an infantry parent unit: platoons were attached to battalions, companies to regiments, and the Tank and Ontos battalions were attached to, or in direct support of, their respective divisions. The infantry units at every level from battalion and above produced monthly command chronologies.

     And Pappy's done one bang-up job on 2) by building a comprehensive, detailed "Map Chronology". This project - and indeed it was and is a "project", still somewhat in progress - was suggested by Mr. Charles (Chuck) Melson of the MarCorHisDiv located at Quantico, VA. Chuck said such a project had never been done before - or at least unknown to him in his decades at the History Division - and that it would be one-of-a-kind if we could pull it off. Pappy, with his never-ending enthusiasm and superior professionalism, has accomplished the mapping of Tank and Ontos units with praise from high places. One can follow every Tank and Ontos battalion on the maps during their entire deployment in Vietnam. Companies can also be tracked, as can platoons, sometimes sections, and occasionally even the individual Tank and Ontos. See our Foundation website at and note this website will be linked to not only units but also every location of Tanker and Ontos crewmen KIA's, major battles, and the locations of other major events.

      The real stickler has been phase 3), the tracking of unit departures. Early in the war, Tanks and Ontos remained attached to or in direct support of an infantry outfit. However, as the war wound down that connection was often severed: the infantry unit leaving without their attachments, the crewmen being sent home on the "Freedom Bird", and their equipment moved to pools for servicing and then for back-loading on amphibious ships. Further, about halfway through the war the Ontos units were absorbed into and supported by the Tank Battalions, followed by the cadre status of both Ontos and Tank companies - concluded by the battalions' flags being folded.

      We've overcome two of the three challenges, i.e., documentation 1) when we got there, and 2) where we fought the VC/NVA for nearly five years the length and breadth of I Corps; however it's the departure documentation (or lack thereof) that's vexing. As we've done over the past several years while putting your book together, when we cannot find documentation, we're asking that you provide us any information that you have or dates you can recall from memory when your unit left Vietnam. This is prime example of our mission statement: "You made history. Your Foundation is making it known."


Ray Stewart,

President, MCVTHF 

Command Chronologies


Marine Tanks & Ontos Action in the Vietnam War

June 1965 to 1970 - Marine Tanks & Ontos Action


   This is the third Tank and Anti-Tank Command Chronology expanded Abstract. "Expanded Abstract" defines our intent to provide our readers with the essence of the unit command chronologies created 5 decades capturing in real time the combat activities that were barely days old. To these Abstracts we are adding information and statistics gathered from other sources that place the tanks and Ontos in the context of battle as reported by the units they supported - the Grunts - for each June that they were in-country.

For the complete command chronologies, please visit our Foundation's website where Pappy Reynolds has posted the Tank and Anti-Tank CCs. Please note that, the Command Chronologies routinely list all the battalions' principle staff officers.

    Also, you are encouraged to access the Foundation's Map Chronology that Pappy has created. There you may find out exactly where your unit - battalion, company, often platoon, and occasionally section - was located at any given time. If you do not find your unit on one of Pappy's several maps, let us know.


June 1966


Note: The month of June, 1966 was included in the Mar-Dec 1966 1st Tanks Command Chronology. And, while 1st Tanks units had been in-country since July of 1966, the "First Tank Battalion", technically the battalion Commanding Officer and his staff carried on the roles of H&S Company displacing from Camp Pendleton via Okinawa, didn't plant its flag in Chu Lai, RVN until early 1966. The staff was new at reporting in-country action via CC's and tank/infantry action in the Chu Lai TAOR was not yet at its highpoint so reporting the much more detailed information found in subsequent reports is missing . Prior to the March arrival in Chu Lai and the subsequent assumption of operational (OpCon) and administrative (AdCon) control of all of its companies, 1st Tank operations were reported (though somewhat limited) in the 3d Tanks Command Chronologies.


Note: Two different font types and sizes distinguish the entries copied directly from the units' command chronologies (CC's) from the Foundation's information.

     Also, where the CC's words are obviously misspelled they have been corrected.

     Where references are cited for which there's an interest in pursuing, return to the original command chronology from which the abstract has been taken. The complete sets of command chronologies may be found on the Foundation's web site.

     You will find the occasional yellow underlined "?" indicates the CC entry cannot be read.



Ray Stewart

Pres. VTHF


    Click on links below to read the Command chronologies

 1st ATs


1st Tanks ~ Part 1 ~ Part 2


5th Tanks


3rd ATs


3rd Tanks ~ Part 1 ~ Part 2


Killed in Action: June  1965-1970                         
 June 1965 - 1970


June's Personal Awards Recipients                     


Silver Star Medal


McKee, Thomas E., LCpl 

Cain, Jerome F., Pfc             

15 June 1967


15 June 1968 

A Co., 1st Tanks


B Co., 5th Tanks 


Note: The NCM and SSM are a matter of accessible archived documents. That is not the case w/Bronze Star, Navy Commendation, or Navy Achievement Medals. The only way the Foundation has to gain this data is through self-reporting by the respective recipients. 

June's Purple Hearts


NameUnitDate Of ActionProvinceAward
Zebal, Ken

Bravo Co., 1st Tank

5th Tank




Quang Nam1st
Manns,  "Boston" BruceAlpha, Co., 1st Anti-Tank




Quang Tri1st


Official Marine Corps Playbook


Attention Donors:  Monetary and In-kind Contributors


    We are streamlining the Award Level Certificate process. Rather than issuing a certificate for each donation we will total the donations for the fiscal year ending in September and award one certificate reflecting that total. For example, rather that issuing a Platinum Award Certificate for each $250.00 donation given four times in a fiscal year, we will total the donations - $1,000.00 - and present one Platinum Plus Award Certificate.  

Secure Credit Card Donations 
[  IRS Tax EIN 91-2111544 ] 
Your continued support is appreciated.
Please send your Tax Deductible Donation to:


707 S.W. 350th Ct., Ste. #1 

Federal Way, WA 98023

Thank you!


IRS Approved Tax EIN 91-2111544 A 501(c)(19) Non-profit Historical Foundation Est. 2001 

 FYI: Donations and Donors

    Each year we wipe the slate clean as to who has donated for that calendar year. All donations received after October 1, 2013 will appear in the Breech Block beginning with the January 2014 issue. Donations received before October 1, 2013 will not appear in the eNewletters beginning the first of the year.

    Thank you for your support without you the foundation cannot achieve its goals of researching, recording, archiv-ing and publishing your individual stories.

 Semper Fidelis

2014 Donors: Thank you for your support!
    The Foundation is proud to announce that there has been a positive response to our e-mail asking for your help; financial  assistance, submission of your personal stories, and recollections of your "Vietnam Days," adding to the Foundation Library, and volunteering to carry some of the day-to-day work load. The level of financial contributions are recognized with an Award Certificate as follows:

Certificate Donations

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James Manson
Charles & Kersti Riehl
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Jerry Wahl
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Danny & Jan Farrell
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John Lange
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Frank "Tree" Remkiewzic
Jerry & Lucinda White 
Stephen C Arnone
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Brian Jefferies
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Steve Christensen
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Don Doty
Ed Emanuel
Walter Wells
+Additonal Donations
*In-Kind Services
**In-Kind & Monetary 



    There  is a parallel process for rewarding your in kind,  non-monetary (books, documents, articles for the Breech Block, etc.), and volunteer effort (assisting  with Command Chronology research, Oral History  summary report writing, etc) as well. Just contact  me and we'll agree on where your work would be most meaningful for you in the context of our day-to-day goals attainment effort, the type of  non-monetary donation you would like to make,  and/or your planned article. Each Breech Block will cite donors and the VTHF web site will periodically post the up-to-date cumulatives.

    If you desire to make your gift specific to our Book Project, please so indicate. Unless you specify otherwise, we will apply your donation where most appropriate. Of course, should you desire to remain anonymous, we'll honor that wish as well.
Thank you for your assistance.

We Really Need Your Assistance

      One of the toughest job in any organization is keeping membership information up-to-date.  

    Please take the time to go to the bottom of this newsletter and click on "Update Profile/Email Address."  By doing this we can automatically update your information.

     You guys are terrific; we appreciate your support.


Semper Fidelis,

MC Flag Big Wave 

Dick Carey, V.P.


Director Public Relationst 

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Praying for Slack

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by Clyde Hoch

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