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  August  2014       
 Vietnam Ontos crewman, Tankers & support  have made history and we are making it known.

Fellow Marine,

  There's no doubt that Summer is upon us. The we find that the constant distractions makes sitting at our "one-eyed monsters" to crank out Tank and Ontos history, based upon listening to the tapes of interviews and digging through dusty archives takes every bit of resolve and dedication on the part of our volunteers. No amount of Atta boys compensates for missing time with our family and friends.

  With this in mind then this August's Breech Block is a bit shorter than what is customary. More importantly, what has not been abbreviated, is the "Command Chronology Abstracts". In fact this month's is fully 74 pages with maps, pictures, quotes from our members, and supplemental information from the "U.S. Marines in Vietnam" series. We're citing these "green books" by-year histories in short-hand. Starting with "U.S. Marines in Vietnam: The Landing and Buildup - 1965" as "(GB65)" thru "U.S. Marines in Vietnam: High Mobility and Standdown - 1969" "(GB69)". Quotes from the Marine Corps Archives, taken mostly from on-the-battlefield, real time interviews, are cited using our Foundation's protocol.

  Please take a moment to recall what your August - any August - in Vietnam was like and see if we've covered what you experienced. If you've not submitted your story or sat for a phone interview and would like others to read your personal Vietnam history, that's simple to work. Just call or write and we will provide whatever support you need.

  Our staff hopes that your summer activities are as "distracting" for you as ours have been for the Foundation's Volunteers. Enjoy!


Semper Fidelis,


Ray Stewart

Pres. VTHF

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"Thank you for your continuing efforts to not let us be forgotten."
Don Doty 
"Get it done. Thanks for everything you do." 
Rick Smith 
"Again, I thank you and the staff for the great work you are doing on our behalf." 
Jerry White

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Ray Stewart,

President, MCVTHF 

Command Chronologies


Marine Tanks & Ontos Action in the Vietnam War

August 1965 to 1970 - Marine Tanks & Ontos Action


  A year ago the months of August was the fifth of what became a monthly feature of abstracted Tank and Anti-Tank Command Chronologies. This Breech Block - August 2014 - is an "enhanced" version including details of some of the named operations and the role tanks and Ontos played in those operations. For example interviews of Tankers and Ontos Crewmen as well as links to our website of previously written articles and pictures about such "encounters" as Operations Starlite, Piranha, Fremont, Kingfisher, and others.

  If you served in or were attached to any tank or Ontos units during any August and recall some experiences that you would like others to read about, please, call me to set up a phone interview or jot them down and send your story to us for publishing. Pictures with captions are of particular interest. Most, if not all, of the material you send us will find its way into one of our publications and ultimately The Book. And be archived either here at the Foundation or in the Archives of the Marine Corps at MCB Quantico, VA.


Ray Stewart

Pres. VTHF


August Command Chronologies Abrasticts 



Killed in Action: August  1965-1970                         


Tankers and Ontos Crewmen Killed in Action
 August 1965 - 1970

EDWARD E DAVIESLcplAug 22, 196721Lovington, NM1st AT'sKIA
REED M MAY JRLcplAug 29, 196720Johnstown, PA1st AT'sKIA
None Listed
5th Tks
WILLIAM C. LAIDLAWCplAug 18, 196521Cohasset, MA3rd TksKIA
JOSEPH M. HALLASSgt.Aug 16, 196719Youngstown, OH3rd TksKIA
ANTHONY H. BENNETTLcplAug 16, 196719Tulsa, OK3rd TksKIA
RICHARD R. SMITHLcplAug 16, 196720Hopewell Junction, NY3rd TksKIA
KENNETH R. SPOHNLcplAug 16, 196721Portland, OR3rd TksKIA
WALTER J. DECOTAMajAug 17,196633Pascoag, RI3rd TksKIA
RONALD C. KRAUS1st LtAug 9, 196531Grandview, IN3rd TksKIA
LESLIE I. HILDENBRANDCplAug 10, 196525Circleville, PA3rd TksKIA
PAUL A. DEVERSLcplAug 10, 196521Jackson Heights, NY3rd TksKIA
GEORGE R. CLAYPOOLGySgtAug 12, 196836Toledo, OH3rd TksKIA
FRANKLIN M. ELLINGERSSgtAug 12, 196827Terre Haute, IN3rd TksKIA
ROBERT G BOUSQUETCplAug 18, 196524Holyoke, MA3rd AT'sKIA
DALLAS E THOMPSON2nd Lt.Aug 28, 196731Barberton, OH3rd AT'sKIA
HAROLD V. DAYRINGER JR.LcplAug 24, 196522Benson, NC3rd AT'sN-H
None Listed
5th Ats

August Personal Awards Recipients                     


Silver Star Medal


Date Unit
Alo, Ta'Aloga S SSgtAug 28, 67C-3-ATanks
Alvarado, Jose J SSgtAug 20, 66B-3-Tanks
Denton, Charles L CplAug 18, 65C-3-Tanks
Doss, James G Jr MajAug 17, 66CO-3-Tanks
Hill, John M Sgt (KIA)Aug 22, 69B-1-Tanks
Jones, Clarence W SSgtAug 26, 66C-3-Tanks
Mattingly, Robert E 2dLtAug 5, 66H-3-Tanks
Williamson, Robert M Jr LCplAug 17, 66B-3-Tanks

Note: The NCM and SSM are a matter of accessible archived documents. That is not the case w/Bronze Star, Navy Commendation, or Navy Achievement Medals. The only way the Foundation has to gain this data is through self-reporting by the respective recipients. 
August Purple Hearts


NameUnitDate Of ActionProvince or OperationAward
Adcock, RobertBravo Co., 3rd. Tanks20-Aug-66Quang Nam1st
Aguilar, Samuel 3rd Tk Bn9-Aug-65
Brightwell, LeRoy "Hank"Bravo Co., 3rd Tanks12-Aug-67Quang Tri2nd
Clark, Richard P.Charlie Co., 3rd Tanks10-Aug-65
Crabtree, John E.Charlie Co., 3rd Tanks9-Aug-65
Curry, RobertBravo Co., 1st Tanks5-Aug-67Quang Nam1st
Curry, RobertBravo Co., 1s Tanks31-Aug-67Quang Nam2nd
Denton, Charles L.3rd Tk Bn1-Aug-65
Franker, William J.Alpha Co., 3rd Tanks2-Aug-69Quang Tri2nd
Fuentes, MarioBravo Co., 1st Tanks30-Aug-68Quang Nam1st
Giovinazzo, MichaelAlpha Co., 1st Anti-Tank17-Aug-66Quang Nam1st
Hawley, J.G.3rd Tk Bn1-Aug-65
Hearn,Charlie Co., 3rd Tanks10-Aug-65
Himes, Harris D.Bravo Co., 3rd Tanks21-Aug-67Quang Tri1st
JonesCharlie Co., 3rd Tanks18-Aug-65Starlight
Little, P. D.Charlie Co., 3rd Tanks18-Aug-65Starlight
Malette, Charles W.Bravo Co., 3rd Tanks18-Aug-65Starlight
McQueary, Daniel H.Charlie Co., 3rd Tanks18-Aug-65Starlight
Meniscus, LateralCharlie Co., 3rd Tanks18-Aug-65Starlight
Perillo, John J.H&S Co., 1st Tanks26-Aug-66Tam Ky1st
Pulley, Darrell E.Bravo Co., 3rd Tanks10-Aug-65
Sipeli, Edward V.Charlie Co., 3rd Tanks18-Aug-65Starlight
SmithCharlie Co., 3rd Tanks18-Aug-65Starlight
Stanford, V. R.Charlie Co., 3rd Tanks18-Aug-65Starlight
SullivanBravo Co., 3rd Tanks18-Aug-65Starlight
Thompson, James B.Bravo Co., 3rd Tanks18-Aug-65Marble Mtn.
Thompson, K. L.Charlie Co., 3rd Tanks18-Aug-65? Admin to Hosp.
Vickey, W. L.Bravo Co., 3rd Tanks18-Aug-65? Admin to Hosp.
Waicak, John P.Bravo Co., 1s Tanks12-Aug-67Quang Nam2nd
    "          "Bravo Co., 1s Tanks31-Aug-67Quang Nam3rd
William, James E.Charlie Co., 3rd Tanks18-Aug-65Starlight
Yoder, Daniel M.Charlie Co., 3rd Tanks18-Aug-65Starlight

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