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Marine Corps Vietnam-era Tankers and Ontos Crewmen Have Made History.  Your Historical Foundation is Making it Known.

I advise all potential leaders to read.  Read everything good you can lay your hands on.  Read at every available opportunity.
The most wasted moments of the day are those spent sitting on
a commode or laying in bed awaiting sleep.  Spend those minutes reading.

From: "Fiction and Fact From Dunk's Almanac" by H. G. Duncan, Maj. USMC (Ret.) (Deceased)

Listed below are some books that might be of interest to brother Tankers.
Some about our USMC Tanker predecessors, some about our time (by Tankers or Tankers are in the book and some about the "New" breed of USMC tankers.

If any Tankers have any other books of interest, please submit them to the webmaster.

CMC's reading list in pdf


USMC "Oficial" Vietnam seres Books (Downloadable in PDF)
Command Chronologies (Downloadable in PDF)
1st Tk. Bn. CCs
1st AT. Bn. CCs
3rd Tk. Bn. CCs
3rd AT. Bn. CCs
5th Tk. Bn. CCs

5th AT. Bn. CCs



MCVTHF Book Reviews

Books by our member Tankers/Ontos Crewmen.
Most of these books are available through Amazon.

From one of our own ("Alpha" Co. 3rd Tanks).  Chronicles the fighting in the DMZ, Con Thien, Leatherneck Square area. See Hill of Angels.

Another one from one of our own.  A very good account of the experience of a tanker in Vietnam.  The good, the bad and some of the stupid.
At Amazon.

Check out the website; for more information.  Of great interest to all of the Flame Tankers

An outstanding book about the evolution of armor used by the USMC.
Ken Esttes at Amazon

Clyde Hoch tells of his time in the Corps and with 1st Tanks in Vietnam 1968-69.

Claude Vargo tells about his time in Vietnam and how to get a College Degree. See Get Your Damn Degree.

Clyde Houch's storys of tanks.

Lloyd "Pappy's" memoirs of Vietnam.

John's story on dealing with grief.
Unfortunate Sons
Joe Tysons book about his 18 months in Vietnam. He drove the 2nd tank to land in Vietnam ashore.
Available at Amazon.
Time in the Barrel
Another Book by Jim Coan. This time about his personal experiances as a Tank Platoon Commander for eight months at Con Thien.
Availabe at Amaxon
 Forgotten Tracks Vol. 1
From the USMC Vietnam Tankers Association.
Forgotten Tracks Vol. 2 

From the USMC Vietnam Tankers Association.

Forgotten Tracks Vol. 3

 From the USMC Vietnam Tankers Association.

Other books of interest

Marine tanks played a valuable roll in this, the first major Marine operation.

Like it says. The Army's Armored Cavalry in Vietnam.

Oscar's third book on Marine Tankers.  This one featuring many of our members. Available through Amazon and the Military Book Club.

Old book, 1982. But good coverage of armor from 1946 to 1975. French, USMC, USA, USAF(?), ARVIN, NVA, Korean and Australian armor.

Outstanding book about 1/9 during the operation.  Also "Alpha" Co. 3rd Tanks.

Good account of 3/26 up near the DMZ.  Also 2nd Plt. "Bravo" Co. 3rd Tanks.

Very good first person accounts of Marines in Vietnam.  Includes a little about tanks.

Another book by Eric Hammel.  Has a number of photos of Marine tanks (mislabeled ) and he does not identify the tank units.

Old book, 1982. Fair coverage of French, USMC, USA, ARVIN, NVA and Australian armor.

Old book, 1980. Covers battles where armor was used.  Mostly Army, some Marine.

Covers all USMC Operations in the An Hoa Valley.  This is only the 1st one, with more to come.

Outstanding book covers the careers of three General Officers.  Maj. Gen. Ray Smith, Gen. Jim Jones (our 32nd Commandant, and our own Lt. Gen. Marty Steel the first tanker to achieve that rank.

Account of an Army tanker operating in central Vietnam. If it's all true they had a lot more freedom of operation than we did.  The other two are novels.

Personal stories of Tankers (Army and Marine) from WW I to the current War in Iraq.

Good, general description of tank crewmen during the Vietnam period.  Training, operations, uniforms and equipment.

Not only "The Forgotten War" but the story and personal accounts of Marine tankers left out of other books.

Army Tanker in Korea during a three week battle. Good read.

Profiles 88 former Marines who have impacted the civilian world.  Order from Jerry Ravino, 1330 Wyndale Dr., Bayonet Point, FL 34667. Price is $29.95 + $3.00 shipping.  Mention our web site and we will get a donation for every book sold through us.

Lots of photos and information on Marine tanks in WWII.

An Army tanker that fought in the Philippines and Okinawa.  A very good account of what it was like.

Very good accounts of where and how Marine tanks were used in the Pacific.  Lots of personal stories.

Neiman as a Tank Officer led his Tank Company through four Pacific Island Campaigns.
Some serious combat in Europe. From a crewman in an M4A3 with a 75mm gun to the first M26 with a 90mm gun.

A good account of Army tanks in the Pacific.

Any Marine Tanker worth his salt knows about Pop. An excellent book.

Good account of the 1st Mar. Div. with the 2nd Tank Bn. during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

From WW 1 to the 1970's.

Am I glad I wasn't in one of these. The tank was more dangerous than the enemy.

Design a tank, then find a way to defeat it. A continuous cycle.

The Author was with G/2/26 during Operation Hickory.  A good description of the Operation and mentions Tanks of "A" Co.  Actually the Tanks were from A, B, & C Co's. all OpCon to A Co.

A very good book there is a lot to learn about the M48 series in this book.

What the tankers that came after us did. Another one of Oscar's great books.